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Zoek je interieuradvies omdat je er zelf niet helemaal uitkomt? DSGN4U helpt je.
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Interior design for expats

Do you wish to live in a bespoke interior too? Please contact us

Interior design expats. Residential

Contract interior design

We are a interior design company settled in the middle of The Netherlands creating bespoke interiors. Whether in our home country or outside of the borders, we know our way helping you with our creative ideas and interiors.

Our discipline starts with understanding your project and transforming this into a fitting atmosphere. You like to change your restaurant into a trendy hotspot? We can do this for you. Or do you want to transform your hotel into a stylish and wellbeing location? We can do this for you too.

Whatever your ideas are, we can create a great design for you. Of course supported with our additional ideas, based on experience and knowledge.

DSGN4U is used to respect budgets without losing focus on quality and style.

Moving to or from The Netherlands?

We specialize in turn-key projects for expats!

We are a interior design company settled in the heart of The Netherlands creating bespoke interiors. When taking our services, you are not just getting another company, but you will meet a understanding, creative and talented interior designer.

Working both in commercial as residential projects, from small focused to high profile and high spend, brings us the capacity of understanding our customer's needs. Having this knowledge we have the capability to transform this into a great and harmonious design.

Our plans are supported by 3D images, floor and interior design plans, furniture and lighting schemes and a 3D animation of the design. We can also guide by escorting you to furniture and fabric manufacturers.

Moreover we can manage the process of the project from the initial stages to completion. There is a wide range of reliable partners we work with on a regular basis, which varies from painters to contractors and from furniture suppliers to decoration shops. Because we coordinate all services it allows you to have one point of contact.

DSGN4U is used to respect budgets without losing focus on quality and style.

Contract interior design

Do you wish to work in a bespoke interior too?


Do not hesitate to contact us


Our projects are inspired by you, your business and your clients needs. We want to have a complete overview of what you do, who your customers, how your employees work and what your brand reflects. We combine our creativity with understanding your company and create interiors that are functional, yet create atmosphere. Since 2004 we have been working with residential individuals, large companies and all that's inbetween, building up a great experience.

Knowing that, our plans for restaurants and bars are dynamic, functional and ambient, where the designs for work spaces and retail projects will still reflect a commercial ethos, yet are innovative and refreshing.

Hotels and spas? We create exciting spaces with our understanding of wellness and our creative flair.

Thinking in concepts is what we enjoy!


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